5 Common Myths That Can Destroy Your Credit Score

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credit scoreContrary to the perception that Credit is only for credit cards, it plays a major part in our ability to borrow money. In fact, it is used in many other places that you probably don’t even think of. For example, some employers check the credit histories of potential candidates as a pre-requisite to hiring. Be it renting a home or shopping around for a better insurance rate, credit histories are checked to make sure that you aren’t too much of a risk to cater to.
Your credit score, commonly known as the FICO score, is a vital indication of your “credit health” and can make a huge difference in what you pay for borrowed money. Therefore, it’s in everyone best interest to keep their FICO score as fit as possible.

So have a look at these 5 popular credit score myths that could do more damage than good, if you followed them.

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